Welcome to the website for Adam J. Smith, a meteorologist in the Cloud Research Group at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Please note that this is NOT a website for the 18th century Scottish economist named Adam Smith. This website is for the 21st century American meteorologist named Adam Smith. However, the name recognition is still quite enjoyable. :)

I am currently a post-graduate research intern in the Atmospheric Science Group, a division of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at UWM. Under the guidance of Dr. Vince E. Larson, I am studying altocumulus clouds and processes related to their behavior. More specifically, I have focused on the concept of cloud dissipation, and how different processes affect cloud behavior. To examine altocumulus cases in detail, we use computer simulations to generate the cloud and obtain numerical results. I then write analysis programs using MATLAB to produce figures and other useful information.

Master's Thesis:

I have recently completed my master's thesis. A copy is available in my Research section.

2006 AMS Cloud Physics Conference:

I presented a poster at the AMS Cloud Physics Conference, July 10-14, 2006 in Madison, WI. Please visit my Research section for more information.

Publication News:

One of my papers has been published in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres. Please visit my Research section for a copy of the manuscript.

Other Stuff:

As a side note, please visit the UWM Atmospheric Science Club page, which I helped redesign in 2005. The site contains links to a lot of weather- related sites, as well as photos from UWM's many storm chases.


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